Tuesday, 23 March 2010

bliss pop

four faves right now, all of which can roughly be categorised as 'bliss pop' - meaning they all share that amniotic, drained, somnambulistic vibe that a) at it's best provides a warm musical blanket to wrap oneself in or b) at it's worst ends up being effortlessly co-opted by mobile phone advertising execs into a continual sonic death rattle..

Here's hoping none of these turn up on a vodafone/talktalk/apple ad anytime soon..

Rundgren-sampling psyche pop, and one of my faves from last year - the glorious Neon Indian

Close your eyes, could be 1989. In a good way. Besnard Lakes come over all shoegazey

Kate Bush's 'Cloudbusting' bliss-popped out courtesy of Wild Nothing. I'm sure there is a more reverb-y mix than this but it's still pretty cool..

Psyche pop bliss pop from Washed Out. *Most likely to be used to encourage you to 'bright dance' by some mobile pimping goons sometime soon, sadly, but you have to love that sample.


  1. That Washed Out Track is frickin ace! Not sure about the shoegazing one though.

    p.s. ou est mon disc a musique?

    merci beaucoup, dr moonlove

  2. Discs of musical excellence - minus shoegazeyness - WILL be posted, sorry Doctor!