Thursday, 18 March 2010

galaxie and kramer

Great to see the majestic Galaxie 500 getting a lovely, deserved five star review for their recent re-issues from the guardian’s ever insightful Alexis Petredis.

What is surprising is that Petredris makes no mention of Mark Kramer, the producer whose sound work shaped the band’s sound so dramatically. It does get picked up in the thread, and Petedris admits he probably should’ve name checked him, but many of the responses seem to indicate a feeling his influence was pretty marginal.

Anyway, Kramer, in his long, varied and continuing career also worked on one of the stillest, slowest, most magnificently hushed records of all time - Low’s wonderful, never bettered debut ‘I could live in hope’. So he clearly did something right.

Also, as one half of Bongwater, he cut what must be one of the funniest records to come out of a disticntly unfunny, over-serious decade (90s) the psyche-rock comedy masterwork ‘The Power of Pussy’.

So props to Kramer.

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