Saturday, 20 March 2010

Daft Punk’s parents

Let's be honest, the likelihood of the upcoming 'Tron Legacy' – extraordinary visuals aside – actually being any good, is minimal.

BUT the music? Daft Punk? I’m there, in a heartbeat. In fact, my ideal scenario would be for Disney to dispense with the film's dialogue entirely – it will almost certainly be forgettable, superfluous and boring – and simply run the the DP score over the visuals for the duration, 'Metropolis' style.

Especially if it’s going to be like this. Relentless.

Anyway, a couple of days back, I’m in the middle of having a clearout and get sidetracked looking through a box of records I haven’t bothered with in a decade. In there was an album by the French disco band Space (not to be confused with the scouse britpop chancers), that I bought second hand, sometime in the late 90s, at a time when I was utterly obsessed with tracking down electronica/synth-y stuff/anything with vocoders.

Listening again reminded me what a great Moroder-esque tune their 'Running in the City' was/is. The whole album is really ambitious, odd, SF influenced. The missing link between Moroder and Kraftwerk, with a bit of Tangerine Dream thrown in.

No one really namechecks them much (at all) these days – which is odd. The e. london ironic moustache set love a bit of Cerrone (Supernature) or Moroder don't they?.

So I YouTube them and get this.

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