Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dead tired

Halfway through 'Survival of the Dead' I started to imagine the great Romero himself as a kind of zombie; shuffling around since 1985 with a half memory of what he was once good at, repeating all the motions of a legendary horror director but unable to somehow connect it with humanity, the spark of life.

And yet.

Despite myself, despite the utter feebleness of the entire enterprise, I found myself enjoying elements of it. It’s desperately poor, and this review seems to sum up what most people are feeling but I had such low expectations that I found parts of it interesting, good natured, and even amusing. It looks nicer than 'Diary' that’s for sure.

Anyway I would still rather watch a knackered, half-cocked, half-baked Romero desperately trying to work his flaccid mojo into a zomboid semi-on than sit through ANY of the re-boots, even the supposed ‘good ones’ of what is surely now the most utterly moribund, exhausted sub-genre of horror.

At least the great old man’s having some fun. We might not be, but he is.

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