Monday, 5 April 2010

"It's not blood, it's red!”

Rewatched the greatest horror film of all time again on its splendid recent Blu-Ray release.

Still a psychotic, erotic, oneiric, insane, never to be repeated masterpiece. With more dread in the opening ten minutes than in most horror films entire running time. And that blood, surely the reddest blood that ever splashed onscreen?

Watching for the umpteenth time I was struck again by the fact that there’s just no story, it’s a one-line pitch at best. You could never get this film made now. Fact. It’s pure sensory experience, closer to being at a poundingly loud, terrifying gig.

A gig in which the band is made up of deranged Italians and the instruments are being controlled by demonic witches. In a beautiful, chic, gaudy art-deco setting. With an audience of teenage ballerinas.

A cinematic synthesis of extreme sonics and visual overload, it has no equal.

Plus when it’s not scary, it’s utterly fucking hilarious.

See it if you haven’t.

On a massive telly.

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