Friday, 9 April 2010

Another waltz, darling?

In all the tributes to Malcolm McLaren today, understandably the focus is on the Pistols and the Kings Road fashion stuff, and rightly so. But I was a toddler when ‘God Save’ came out and although I loved ‘Buffalo Gals’ as a breakdancing obsessed kid I didn’t really understand the cultural impact. That song/video feels so right in the current musical climate though doesn’t it?

A MM record I did buy though, and really liked, despite getting MUCH flak for it from my Indie or nothing friends at the time, was 'Waltz Darling' - the bizarre, long forgotten detroit house/classical/fashion/pre-Madonna vogue-ing concept album that he collaborated on with various typical (Bootsy Collins) and atypical (Jeff Beck) guests.

I remember it getting an absolute pasting in the music press. It's far too random and unfocused to be called a lost classic and over a whole record it all gets a bit effette, but there are moments of brilliance and weird, funky, off-kilter pop. 'Call a Wave', with its shameless Barry White sample, Beck solo and breathy vocals, is quite excellent.

Beware though: the album contains Dave Stewart.

Some great videos too that are a perfect reflection of McLaren’s public (and presumably private) persona; arch, silly, urbane, dandy-ish, massively pretentious but always with a sense of fun and (mis)adventure.

It must be said though, these vids are firmly in the late 80s Julian Temple/THE FACE/Bruce Weber mould so they're a euro-ponce BONANZA.

the stunning girl in this vid, I think, is Tim Burton's ex, Lisa Marie. She's on 'vocals' for sure.

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