Friday, 17 December 2010

Sion Sono: out there

Two of the most interesting films I saw this year were by Suicide Club and EXTE director Sion Sono.

I can't say either of those films blew me away, although they did have points of interest.

But nothing in either could prepare me for this...

Mind-boggling stuff, utterly demented. And it's four hours long?

It's actually a couple of years old now, but I caught up with its giddy charms just a few months ago.

Here is the trailer for a brief flavour...

and this, which I saw at the London Film Festival, is pretty damn good as well.

Very strong stuff though, with the customary horrendous sexual violence that the Japanese do so, er, efficiently.

Depressingly, the LFF crowd, who I would expect more of, contained a few soap-avoiding, basement-dwellers who chuckled throughout some utterly wincing sequences.

Anyway, it ends on a very adolescent, downbeat note, but up til then it's like a Miike film with discipline.

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