Monday, 3 May 2010

When friends do cool stuff

Russell Lee’s creativity is a scary and beautiful thing. At any one time he appears to be in approximately 17,654 bands, including the second coming of Hüsker Dü-loving punk poppers Midway Still who are touring RIGHT NOW, is a boss photographer whose work graces various books that neither you nor I will ever be able to afford and he provided the haunting music for my film The Initiation. When I'm a full time filmmaker, he will be my Morricone. Believe.

Ben Robinson - the British Charles Band is currently working/globe trotting with the DOHA Tribeca film festival, helping students make one minute movies amongst other things. He’s a godammn filmmaking machine yessir, so get check his shit out. He’s also blogging on the site and recently provided a ferocious critique of the new Michael Winterbottom film The Killer Inside Me.

Ben and I are collaborating again very soon. Our last venture pre-Horrorshow was this beauty, which rocked the Texas SXSW film festival back in '07.

Phil Newton is one half of this great podcast your one stop shop for all things fantasy/horror/SF based.

Ry McDermott and his band of filmmaking lunatics are off to Cannes with their short film Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders. Seek it out. It's a manc Hellboy with McDermott flexing leading man chops with a performance that is Gerard Butler by way of Shameless

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